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Updates: 11/17/2019 – Land of Mini Basketball Courts will be present for the 2019 Raymond James Hall of Fame Classic on Friday December 27th, and Saturday December 28th @ the New Castle Fieldhouse in New Castle, Indiana. We will be set up with mini courts on display.  Some will be for sale as well!
More info about the event, and the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame can be found here:


Welcome! You have arrived in the Land of Mini Basketball Courts! Located in the heart of basketball country, the state of Indiana has long held a tradition of excitement for the game of basketball. What you will find here are detailed, scale replicas of basketball courts from all over! One focus we have is High School mini courts.

We have done complete one-of-a-kind custom courts, and have even made a some very limited college courts! One of our famous replicas is of the old Milwaukee Arena “MECCA” floor, and the New Castle Fieldhouse and it’s parquet court. One of our goals is to obtain a license from NCAA schools.



We build our main courts from maple veneer, which maple hardwood is the most common wood found in a basketball court, the Maple is bordered in a mitered pine frame in which the maple court is recessed into the pine for a flush, secure piece.

(Original Mini Court) Standard sizes are as followed:-

       -High School: 29 1/2″  x 19″

       -College/Pro:  32 1/2″ x 19″

     * Parquet ‘squares’ are 1″ x 1″ and require anywhere from 500-600 per court.



Pricing varies with the detail of the courts, and depending on the tint, or stain of certain modern designs. Most Original size High School/College standard courts range between  $125-$160 +tax and if shipping is required.  Parquet courts, due to their busy nature are standard $225+ tax and shipping.

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The history of our Mini Courts goes back over 30 years ago in New Castle, Indiana when Bill Hamby, then in Junior High was looking for a fun project in his dad, Ron Hamby’s woodworking shop. He found some thin veneer plywood and took to meticulously recreating the lines of a basketball court on it. With some finely cut colored electrical tape, he paid down the thin white lines and wide green borders and free throw lanes to mimic the tartan rubber floor in the local New Castle Fieldhouse.

Without much ability to create a fine detail for logo on such a small surface, the court served as something to play with, take ideas from and wonder what could be done. Keep in mind this was 1987 so the ability to do some things in the average home were not so common! The somewhat flimsy wood mini court took to a corner in bedrooms for years to come, eventually being handed down to Bill’s brother Adam.

Adam enjoyed detail, and making things as ‘real’ or believable as possible. Especially when it came to the world of basketball. From his dedication to drawing the interior of the Fieldhouse gym years before as a 3 and 4 year old with intense detail, yet lacking some proportion, it was taken as a lesson to learn and do better. At age 11 the court came back out and experienced some temporary make overs to which nothing seemed to ‘stick’

Until the summer of 1995 when New Castle decided it needed a new Gym floor and it would choose a parquet floor at that. The idea sounded challenging and inspiring and Adam took to bothering his dad for ideas. First, Adam thought to cut the whole court up into little squares and glue them back together somehow. But the wisdom of Ron Hamby came through and he suggested using some old oak veneer that was in the loft of the barn he worked out of. So with careful prep, layers of oak veneer, stacked and ran slowly through a band saw blade produced a couple hundred wood panels.

Adam took to gluing these on with his dad’s help and as he came to one of the old lines his brother created almost 10 years before, not stripped of the tape, the same line was transferred to the new surface until all was complete. a careful sanding and monitoring of the lines came before some green and white paint and a glossy finish and a new backfrom to make it more sturdy,  the court pictured above is that court, and while rough in paint, it serves as the mother ship for all courts that would come in the future.


…The idea was rekindled in February of 2017 when the court was taken down to clean, observing the construction and dreaming of the newer technology, the possibility seemed like a great one. And work began into building some various courts. The response was positive, and at the time of this writing, 140 courts later. The concept is still a strong one!

Ron Hamby is building the new courts as he did the original, and is contracted by his son Adam who templates, hand paints, computer graphics, and finishes the courts as well as manage all orders and shipping. All courts are numbered and serve as great keepsakes for display. As technology improves for the level of work done, it will be implemented as time moves forward.

Thank you for visiting and learning our story!!


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